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Soil Testing

Our professional staff has years of experience in conducting soil testing including: 

  • Soil morphological assessments for individual and community systems of all types.

  • Stormwater infiltration testing including hydraulic conductivity and double ring

  • Percolation testing.

Probe Evaluation

Percolation Testing in Progress


Onsite Wastewater System Design

Initially this was our core service and continues to be one of our primary focuses.  Since we have designed over 10,000 systems of all types, we bring a wealth of experience to handle difficult circumstances. 

  • System types include:

- Inground

- Elevated Sand Mound Bed

- At-Grade

- Drip Irrigation

- A/B Soil System  (shallow limiting zone at-grade bed, with disinfection)

-  Drip Micromound

-  Stream Discharge

 - Spray Irrigation

We have experience in the latest technology including components such as Ecoflow Peat Filters, American Manufacturing Drip Irrigation Systems, Orenco AdvanTex Systems, and Eljen Geotextile Sand Filters.  We can also prepare designs to receive Leadership in Environmental and Engineering Design (LEED)  credits.

We try to offer a variety of choices to our clients when possible and help select the best option based on the site conditions and their needs. 


System Layout

Sample Sand Mound Design


 Wetlands Delineation

  • Hydric Soil Determination

  • Soil Mapping


 Wetlands Sampling Point

Erosion and Sedimentation Plans

Stormwater Infiltration Testing


Double Ring Infiltration Testing

Planning Module Preparation

  • Components I, II, and III


Pennsylvania Natural Diversity Inventory (PNDI) Searches

We can do searches to help determine if your project might affect threatened or endangered plants or animals.  When further study is necessary, we work with other specialists within the field that can perform the required work. 


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